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ZapSeller offers a simple and easy to use cart that lets you channelise your sales and pump up revenue.
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Optimized Storefront

Optimized for conversions

ZapSeller is optimized to be able to generate a high rate of conversion for the products on your store. Works for any kind of business; whether big, small, online, offline, local or even international, ZapSeller helps you at every level possible.

Mobile ready

Progressive web app includes a mobile responsive homepage and checkout interface. Different themes can be incorporated along with a mobile shortcut for the home screen.

Highly concerted themes

Progressive web app includes a mobile responsive homepage and checkout interface. Different themes can be incorporated along with a mobile shortcut for the home screen.

Shopping Cart

Upgrade your Cart

Cart page is an extremely critical where customers spend the crucial time to confirm his or her purchase. Design the cart page to be highly convertible with a simple and organized feel.

Own Your Design

Boost the conversion rate for your service like never before. Fine tune every detail f your store pages to enhance conversions for your brand. Add unlimited images.

Flexible Shipping

Set up different kind of shipping rates according to your business or for your customers to choose from. Various options include but not limited to – fixed-price, tiered price, weight-based, and location-based rates, etc.

Abandoned Checkout

Target the customers who abandoned their carts! Win their attention back by pitching to them with emails and reminding them of their much-desired products lingering in the cart. Sell like big players do!

Supercharges products

Product Variations

Add the different variants available for your product with specific descriptions. This include but not limited to multiple sizes, colors, materials or any other particulars that you would like to include. Add images for each variant with the prices specifications.

Multiple Images

The product image is the centre of your sales pitch. ZapSeller allows you to add multiple images of your product or set a featured products image. Showing different angles and features through the photos can help boost your conversions.

Unlimited Products

Add unlimited products using CSV files. Sell as many products as you want without having to worry about any limit or capacity.

Manage Sales

Customer and Groups

This is an interesting feature where you can demarcate your customers into definitive groups. You can offer different prices from these groups like putting up a special discount for a certain loyal customer batch or even offering a wholesale discount for a bulk order of products.

Shipping Methods

ZapSeller accommodates a flat shipping rate for all your products. This will allow your customers to be free from the hassle of any extra charges or shipping fees while purchasing from your online store.

Payment Methods

You can incorporate a variety of payment methods for the ease of your customers. You can choose to accept direct payment from your customer’s bank account to your merchant account or offer cash on delivery for customers who would prefer to buy under that option.


You can personalize your store by adding various locales to the shopping experience. This can include targeting a local group by the use of a particular local languages of an essence to represent that through your brand.


Unlimited bandwidth

You do not need to keep a tab on the number of visits your store can handle. This will help you to lay the sole focus on being able to maximizes traffics and conversions for your store.

SSL certificate

Your online store will include a 256-bit SSL certification under which the security of the customer’s information and business data will be secured completely.

99.98% uptime

Our services will be offered around the clock in the domain of servers and uptime for your online store. You can thus run your business smoothly throughout the day.

Online Website

Reports and Analysis

You can track the data and traffic to make an informed decision for the growth of your brand. Your dashboard will display the information for your sales, orders and products reports to keeping you informed. Further integration with Google Analytics can help you track visits, sources and conversion.

Make smarter business decisions, everytime.