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Sell collaboratively with other vendors by turning your store into a multi-vendor marketplace
Marketplace Integration

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Multi vendor marketplace

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Seller Registration

The quick registration process allows vendors to register on your marketplace through a simple and integrated registration form. After this, a unique vendor account is created for each vendor along with their complete details including company, address, login, bank details etc. in one go.
Register multiple sellers
Approve Sellers

Approval Workflow

You have full and final control to approve or disapprove the products uploaded by the vendors in your marketplace. These products will be displayed as a part of your store only after your approval, thus applying a check on any unwanted product uploads by other sellers in the marketplace.

Product Management

Facilitate easy management of vendors’ products by allowing separate vendor logins where they can add, edit, upgrade their products on your marketplace directly from their account. Give them the option to add and view complete inventory, product variants, product details, pricing image etc.
Manage Products
Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

As an admin and business owner, you get a complete overview of every particular day business by logging into your admin panel. Get the fine details of every aspect of your business including data points like sales, revenue, Average order sale, Total orders etc. to help you better business management.

Commission Setup

Set up flexible commission structures for vendors depending on their hierarchy or product categories. Add a fixed amount or percentage wise commission rules. You can also add tax rules and easily calculate total commission on every order. More flexibility to you!
Commission Setup
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Get a clear overview of vendor specific inventory and keep track of available stock and products with them. Setup rules to display products as ‘In stock’ or ‘Out of stock’ for all or specific vendors and keep them in the know-how.

Seller Price Comparison

Allow your customers to see all the different prices their desired products are being offered at by different sellers. When customers have all the options in one place, they won’t go looking elsewhere!
Seller Price Comparison
SEO Management

SEO Management

With the growing number of businesses online, it is crucial to be noticed. With ZapSeller, you have full control to modify product page URLs, profiles, collections etc in a way that is Google friendly and user friendly!

Practical Integrations

All our integrations are designed to be practical, and with you in mind. Enjoy multiple integrations and add-ons that enhance your marketplace and boost your business.
Practical Integrations

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