Point of sale is no longer confined to just one spot

Integrate your store across channels, retailers, accounting software and shipping/logistics channels. We provide the following integration with our ZapSeller software.

Boost Sales with ZapSeller POS Solution

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Point of sale

Store Credit

Gift Cards

Split Payments

Parked Sales

Refunds & Returns


Meet Consumer


Make smarter business decisions, everytime.

Turn you one-time customers into lifetime members

Using the fully synced customer profile, offer personalised shopping experience with guide access to lifetime spend, notes & much more
Customer success
Order management

Close every sale, online & in-stores

Offer the customers the experience of browesing in stores and the luxurious comfort of buying enline. Provide the option to browse, buy & pick up in stores or online

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Oh, and did we mention? ZapSeller's POS is also available in offline mode with auto sync!